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Bridging loans

If you are looking to raise additional funds, in addition to a further advance or remortgage, a second charge or unsecured loan may be more appropriate.

We’re able to offer you specialist advice through a 3rd party for both commercial and residential markets who take pride in having access to a wide range of loan providers, ranging from high street banks to small private investors.

They not only arrange a quick bridging loan when it’s needed, but also arrange a loan tailored to meet your individual situation, ensuring you understand all the procedures of the process and at very competitive rates regardless of whether the bridging loan is small or large.

So what are bridging loans?

A typical use of a bridging loan would be for those times that you’ve still not found an owner for your old property but chosen a new one to move into. The loan is designed to help with a cash inflow until you’ve sold you’re old property.

Some additional examples of where bridging finance may be used for short term solutions;

  • Property sale has fallen through or is delayed and client is purchasing another property
  • Purchasing properties at auction
  • Temporary cash flow problems
  • Property Development
  • Buy-to-let
  • Renovation of property
  • Land acquisition
  • Urgent payment of a tax bill
  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • Prevention of repossession
  • Divorce settlement

The Bridging Specialist will give you the correct advice.

Some forms of Bridging Loans are not regulated by the FCA.

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